Soli Deo Gloria.
— J.S. Bach


I'm Krista, or as my students call me, Miss Krista.

If you've ever written a bio, you know how awkward it can feel to write about yourself in the third person. So here's a little bit about me from me. 

My full name, Krista Faith, means "follower of Christ with faith." This is my ultimate aim in life. 

I reside and teach in the Woodstock/Marietta area of Georgia.



I have a B.A. in music from California Baptist University (2008) and have been teaching for 11+ years. I have directed 30+ shows (performing arts camps in California and Alaska, dinner theaters, children's choir musicals, etc). I currently serve at Noonday Baptist Church in children's ministry and as the director of Noonday Performing Arts Camp.

I have also had opportunity to perform extensively in a wide variety of settings, from churches, to the White House, to community events, to hospital rooms. Each and every performance is a gift, a chance to communicate joy, love, truth, comfort... whatever the situation calls for.

I am a licensed Musikgarten teacher. You can read more about that here. I offer private voice & piano lessons (check it out here) and a wide variety of group classes.


Teaching, performing, collaborating... Community!


As a teacher, I value...

Relationships, Mentoring, Life long Learning