Voice Lessons @ Jennings Music & Education Center

  • Lessons for elementary age focus on musical literacy* and fun songs with some performance training.
  • Lessons for pre-teens focus on technique foundations, musical literacy* and increased performance training.
  • Lessons for the changed voice (typically 13 and beyond) dive fully into the waters of technique training with constant application to effective communication in performance.

* I equate musical literacy with the idea of "see what you hear and hear what you see" and a general comprehension of context within genre and era.
Questions? Contact me! I'm happy to explain in greater detail.


Piano Lessons @ Jennings Music & Education Center

In addition to teaching voice, I enjoy teaching beginning - intermediate piano lessons. In college I was privileged to study under Dr. David Murray (currently head, keyboard area, at Georgia Southern University.) I owe my pedagogy training to him. 

  • For children, lessons focus on developing the ear and eye as a team rather than competing enemies. This is accomplished through fun songs and developmentally appropriate material.
  • For teens and adults, lessons are tailored to each student's personal goals while still imparting solid technical skills for true music literacy. 

Stay tuned for info on Musikgarten group piano classes starting this fall!

For more information on voice or piano lessons, send an email to kristamccoyperformingarts@gmail.com.

My Vocal Journey

I've heard it said that "Talent is singing well on a good day. Skill is singing well on a bad day." My journey is filled with moments of excitement and some pretty rough days. I struggle with constant allergies and asthma. In college, my pulmonary specialist recommend I give up my vocal performance major altogether. True story! In spring 2015, I finally stumbled across an online voice training program that put me on a new path, bringing healing and freedom through technical training. 

Everyone has their share of bad days, some of our own making (screaming all day at an amusement park has its drawbacks!) and some that are gifted us via a cold, allergies, etc. Have you ever noticed how frequently performance and sickness coincide? People who use their voices extensively, for singing or speaking, need solid technical skill.


What do I value in technique? Intense muscle training guided by a highly observant ear. Good singing doesn't just sound good, it feels good. As we learn to feel what our voice is doing, we learn to pinpoint and command the various muscles. Tongue and jaw tension melts, breathing is pleasurable, vibrato becomes our servant rather than master, our voices become more versatile, and guess what? We sound great!

Technique Meets Performance

"I hate the way I sound!" Ever said those words? I certainly have. This is when solid technique and a highly observant ear are required. What specifically don't I like? Do I feel tension anywhere? What sound am I going for? What does it take to make that sound? As we learn to answer these questions our voices become exceedingly flexible and versatile. 

Sound fun? It is! Try it out and see for yourself. But remember, no matter how good the instruction, high levels of skill and artistry only come with years of practice. Short cuts don't exist.