Sing. Listen. Move. Play Instruments.


Music. Laughter. Exploration. Community.

For children: babies - 10+ years. Musikgarten is a childhood music and development program teaching music literacy, beat competency, motor skills, social skills, creativity, improvisation, teamwork, etc.

Fall 2019 Classes:

(Beginning the week of August 19th)

  • Age 4 to 7 - "Music Makers: At Home & Around the World" Thursdays 12:30-1:20 ($246 for 17 wk semester, siblings are 50% off) -foundations in music reading and literacy. This class features singing, percussion, varied instruments, musical patterns, LOTS of movement, observation & listening skills, musical storytelling, and much, much more! -STARTS 8/22

  • 2nd - 5th grade - Music Makers: At the Keyboard, Level 1 - Tuesdays 5:35-6:30 PM (9-12 years old $314 for 17 wk semester, siblings are 50% off) - group piano/singing class. Students learn skills in music reading, notation & dictation, composition, improvisation; with piano and other instruments. -STARTS 8/20

Registration Details

Registration fee of $25 per student per semester helps in offsetting room rental.

NOTE: the classes feature intentional age overlap. This allows children to participate in the best class for them and not miss out on Musikgarten's sequential learning pathway.  Questions? email me! Together we can find the best fit for your child.

Discounts for Siblings

  • 50% off siblings enrolled in same class. 10% off siblings enrolled in different classes

Why Musikgarten?

It's a holistic approach for lifelong benefit.

Musikgarten is a developmentally rich program, seeking to build up the child holistically through a wide range of activities and layered learning experiences.

 Each class incorporates four main elements: Singing expands linguistic skills, developing articulation, vocabulary, and tonal awareness. Listening activities focus minds and bodies to listen, not just hear. Movement builds balance, physical control, vestibular systems, and more. Playing instruments builds creativity, motor skills, pattern recognition, and best of all, participation in a community of music making.

It utilizes developmentally appropriate activities.

Musikgarten bases learning on things the child can already do, not watered-down versions of what they will be able to do. Each stage of development is rich and should be fully explored and enjoyed.

It builds musical literacy.

Musikgarten employs a brilliant and sequenced approach, training students to "see what you hear and hear what you see." Rhythmic and melodic patterns are infused into each class, sequentially moving the child from the absorption stage (baby-toddler) to the music notation stage (young elementary).

It fosters a community of music making.

At the younger levels, Musikgarten is a "parent and me" type program, enabling that significant adult (mom, dad, grandma, etc.) to bond with and nurture the child in a community of music making. At the older levels, students engage with one another, creating a safe environment among their peers for exploration and creativity. Social skills developed in this community will benefit the child all throughout life.

So, why not give Musikgarten a try?